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Rocket Stoves and other heat capturing ideas and diagrams:.


First Zwelihle Demo at RDP

29th June 2011

The first demo at the RDP was a hit with the 9 Zwelihle community women and men!!!  who attended.  They were introduced to the Wonderbox by very enthusiastic presenter Nokuthula Florentina. They couldn’t believe how simple and within their means it would be to make their own boxes from recycle materials and also that the rice and lentils could cook in 10 minutes in this wonder box!!!!. Florentina also demonstrated the making of Energy Balls. The audience asked when there will be another demo for others to see. We have promised to post this information up at the RDP Soup Kitchen.


Stove on the go

Anton Boshoff from Stanford set up his Rocket Stove and there was much discussion about how to make these. Everyone was very pleased with the incredible warmth is generated on so little fuel.
More demos are definitely required so we will be investigating means of raising some funds to continue as well as to train more presenters.

The World Challenge Competition

Vuka Energy Savings project entered a nomination into the World Challenge 2011 competition for grass roots sustainable businesses on 19th June 2011. This is an editorial initiative of BBC World and Newsweek in association with Shell. The mission is to provide practical help for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) throughout the world, with a special emphasis on turning sustainable ideas from niche businesses into mainstream enterprises.



Look out SOUTH AFRICA!!!

Pilot Project – National Science Week


The Vuka Energy Savings project was selected to be piloted by the National Department of Science and Technology in August 2010..

The Research done by the Stanford Housing Cooperative was tested.

The project consisted of 2 teams, mentored by Elma Hunter - socal activist in Stanford and Chairperson of the Stanford Housing Cooperative.

Florentina Nokuthula Radebe was the isiXhosa Team Leader and Rallie Klaasen the Afrikaans Team Leader.



PURPOSE OF NATIONAL SCIENCE WEEK    National science awareness campaign

 THEME    “The Role of Science in Economic Development” showcasing the importance of science in peoples’ daily lives.

Science Week Posters

Main Challenges   

Space   Climate Change   Human & Social Dynamics   Energy security   Farmer to farmer


Energy Security   Indigenous Knowledge   Geographic Advantage/knowledge   Science is fun   Science is everywhere  

Awareness for all people of South Africa   Science is fun   Science is everywhere